Instant Junk removal is located in Miami, Florida where we provide services related to trash disposal. If you need a discrete company who is clean and organized and prepared to haul away any junk that you may have, then look no further because you have found the best in the city. We are highly reviewed, respected, and here to serve our great city of Miami because we want nothing more than to help keep our city, state, and planet clean.

About Us

We were established several years earlier with the intention of cleaning up our city and helping the citizens of Miami curtail their junk accrual. Our same day garbage removal services means that you don’t have to wait for days to have your junk hauled away. We are prepared to get there immediately and take your junk to the city dump, a recycling center, or a furniture store. Therefore, we encourage all of our current and potential customers to try us for quality waste removal in Miami that will leave your property clean and unscathed.


Our Services

There is no shortage to the services that we offer in the junk removal space. We do furniture removal, appliance recycling, mattress disposal, Miami garbage disposal, junk hauling in Miami, and a multitude of other services. Need a dumpster rental for that renovation project? We have dumpsters standing by to provide Miami with dumpster rentals for short or long-term projects. Our dumpsters will be sized according to your project so you won’t be overpaying for a dumpster that is far too large for what you need it for.

Junk Removal in Miami

Junk Removal

As the name implies, we do junk removal in Miami. What constitutes junk? Just about anything. If you think you have junk, then call us to see if we haul it and what are fees are. There are many items that we will do free junk removal on. When you contact one of our representatives, we will determine whether we will charge for your junk removal or haul it away free of charge and with a smile on our faces. Stop waiting, contact us for junk pick up Miami.

Construction Trash in Miami

Construction Trash

Construction trash doesn’t have to overwhelm your project. We have crews who love the challenge of keeping up on the level of debris associated with a large construction project. Whether you need a dumpster regularly dumped, or have construction debris accumulating at an unprecedented rate, we are prepared with the right people, safety equipment, and knowledge to keep your jobsite clear. Focus on the tasks to keep your project running smooth and let us focus on the trash.

Scrap Metal Overflowing in Container

Scrap Metal

Scrap metal accumulates in many construction jobs. You may not even notice the amount of scrap metal that you have accrued on a project until it is in a large pile, staring you in the face. Don’t fret, we are prepared to sort and haul the scrap metal. We will deal with the cuts and scratches associated with that pile of metal and will have it hauled away in no time. Let us help you keep your jobsite or home clean by hauling away any scrap metal that is not wanted.

“I needed trash pick-up in Miami Gardens but was uncertain of who to call. Instant Junk Removal Miami was recommended by a friend as a professional company with expedient service. So, I gave them a call and couldn’t have asked for a better cleanup crew. They could probably give lessons on customer service!” – Timothy M

Track Truck Half Full with Black Trash Bags

“We decided to do a full renovation on our four-plex so that we could land more potential renters. Big Mike’s Junk Removal brought over a dumpster to help with the cleanup, and they regularly came and cleaned our any construction trash that needed hauled. They were fast and efficient and kept our renovation project on time. Very good company.” – Kooshawn S

Scrap Metal in Miami

“Over the years, I had accrued a variety of odd furniture pieces and refrigerators. I struggled to find a company who was willing to haul the fridges away, until I called Instant Junk Removal Miami. They didn’t shy away from the work and even had everything cleaned out with one day. This company was refreshing to work with since they were polite, on-time, and delivered on every promise they made. I will continue to use them in the future!” – Lucy P

Mattress for Disposal in Miami

Furniture Disposal

It is wonderful to have furniture in your home until you have to move or haul it. Don’t let your couch, table, or recliner be a burden by calling Instant Junk Removal to do the furniture disposal. What will become of your beloved furniture? Depending on its quality, we will either haul it to the city dump or to a furniture refinishing expert. Additionally, we do appliance recycling, refrigerator disposal, and computer recycling as part of our furniture disposal division.

Furniture Removal in Miami

Mattress Disposal

Mattresses add on weight every year. They go from the nice, new mattress pad that was light and brand new, to an unmanageable pad that is cumbersome and overweight. We don’t want our clients to hurt themselves attempting to haul off one of these mattresses. Let us do it for you. Our crews are experts at maneuvering any size of mattress out of your home, hotel, or bed and breakfast and into one of our trucks. Furthermore, your mattress will be properly secured while we transport it. There will be no concern for a mattress being blown out of our truck and into the beautiful Miami environment.

Large Mattress for Disposal

Why Us?

Our regular customers continue to provide us with quality reviews attesting to our superior service and cleanliness. We have crews who have been moving junk for a long time so they are experts at navigating any type of junk out of any location. Your walls and door jams will be protected as we navigate out of your property and into one of our trucks. Rest assured that your home and property will remain in pristine condition and our crews will be the most polite and tactful crews you have ever worked with. Which services do you need?

Large-Scale Trash Removal in Miami

Contact Us Today

Reach out to us via phone line to speak to a representative any time of the day that we are open. We have regular business hours where our customers and potential customers can contact us. If you would like a list of our services, then send us an email. For more ideas on the services that we offer, then peruse our webpage and get an idea of what we can offer the citizens of Miami.