Furniture Disposal

Furniture Disposal in Miami

Furniture is a major convenience when it is sitting in your living room and bedroom. However, the convenience quickly goes away when you have to move, throw away furniture, or haul the furniture to a storage unit. This is where we come in. If you have old furniture or appliances that you are uncertain of what to do with them, then we are standing by to provide you with furniture removal and disposal services to make your move or spring cleaning more convenient. Our expert staff know how to maneuver any furniture to ensure that your home is not damaged during the removal.

Furniture Removal

We are equipped with skills, tools, and equipment to properly remove any furniture off of any property. Occasionally, we will have to disassemble pieces of furniture that are too large or awkwardly shaped. This is to ensure that your property is protected and at less risk for damage. Our experience has given us an eye on what to expect to ensure that every piece of furniture is removed without incident. If we are uncertain, then we will devise a plan before working. Through the use of tape measures and careful planning, we will be certain that every piece of furniture will fit through every area of your home.

Refrigerator Removal

Refrigerators are not something that companies want to deal with. They require a lot of muscle power and maneuvering to get them out of a property and into a truck. We have the muscle power and equipment needed to easily remove refrigerators without damaging any walls or doorways. Your trim will be in the same condition as when we arrived because our crews are calculated, prepared, and organized to ensure a smooth removal. Furthermore, many fridges contain Freon that has to be handled with care during the move, which we are prepared for.

Appliance and Computer Recycling

Old washers, dryers, and dishwashers are all appliances that we are prepared to haul away for you. We know where to take them to ensure they are properly dealt with. Whether they are repairable or need to be junked, we have customers who will take them and deal with them. In addition to appliances, we will take your old computers, so they can be expertly recycled and reused down the road. Don’t just throw away computers into the trash when we have crews who are standing by to provide you with same day removal that is fast and convenient. Also, mattresses seem to be a particular item needed expert removal; take a look at our mattress disposal services.

Low Cost/Free

We strive to always have the most competitive prices in the Miami, FL area. Our company has low prices that are competitive with any other junk removal company in the city. After all, we like to earn money but love to haul away junk to clean up our city. We often haul away junk for free or for a very low cost that may as well be free. Instant Junk Removal guarantees that our prices will be competitive with other companies around Miami who do not offer the same level of customer service as we do.