Junk Removal

Junk Removal in Miami

Junk is a word that creates a negative connotation in the minds of most people. It is the stuff that we slowly accrue throughout life until it is surrounding us. Junk creeps up and takes over our lives like a fungus that starts in a small bathroom corner and then quickly takes over your entire home. We understand that it can be hard to part with junk since it was usually something that you paid your hard-earned money for because you had good intentions and ideas on how to use it. Now, it is just cluttering up your life.

Free Junk Removal

Depending on what junk you are needing removed, we may be able to do it for free. You read that right, free. We are willing to mobilize crews to come to your home and load up your junk for absolutely zero cost towards you. Demolish those piles of unneeded junk for zero cost to your time or checkbook. Just point us in the direction of your trash that needs to be removed, and we will do the rest. Not all junk will be removed for free, but we will discuss this with customers once they call.

Organized Crews

Our crews are clean, organized, and extremely efficient. If you point them in the direction of your junk and trash that needs removed, then don’t blink. Like Tasmanian devils, they will sweep in and have the junk gone in the blink of an eye. They are not superheroes but can move very rapidly when it comes to junk removal. What is better than that? How about super-fast crews who will not harm your property, scratch your walls, or dent up any of your doorjams? Our organized crews make chaotic junk easy to handle with quick removal times.

Highly Recommended

We come highly reviewed and recommended by customers who regularly use our services. Our reviews are always positive and packed full of customers who are extremely satisfied with the work that we do. When you trust Instant Junk Removal for your junk, furniture, appliance, or mattress removal, then you are joining dozens of customers who are happy and satisfied with customer service experience and the work process. Trust us for your junk removal and become part of the dozens of satisfied clients who use us on a regular basis. We look forward to developing more relationships with people who want to keep our city clean.

Environmentally Focused

Our goal is to keep the city of Miami, the state of Florida, and the quality of the planet clean and useable for future generations. We want people of the future to look back and say, “That company did things right.” This is why we will always be mindful of how we haul junk to ensure that it never falls out of our trucks and into the environment. Additionally, we will always search for the best way to dispose of junk and construction trash that will be the most positive for our environment.