Mattress Disposal

Mattress for Disposal in Miami

Mattresses are one of those furniture items that you forget needs replaced. Every night we lay our heads down to sleep and don’t realize just how old and worn our mattress is until we wander through a furniture store and sample one of the new, updated mattresses on the floor. If this is you, then it’s time to ditch that old mattress and upgrade to the mattress that you deserve. Wondering what you will do with your old mattress? Simple, call us for mattress disposal and then sit back and relax as our expert crews handle your removal.

What to Expect?

If your mattress is still set up, then we just ask that your room has a clear walking path and no sheets or blankets remain on the bed. Then, just wait for our crews to arrive. They are experts who know how to maneuver through any space without causing any harm to walls or doorways. Our crews are professional, clean, and tactful to ensure that you will only receive superior service. Your property will be left as good or better than we found it. So, you should expect only premium service from qualified experts.

Any Size

There is no size of mattress that we are not equipped to handle. Twins, queens, or kings, not a problem. We have trucks to handle every size, and our crew have all the right lifting equipment to move any mattress with ease. Your mattress that was once light and easy to move may have doubled or tripled in weight over the years, so don’t try and move it yourself. A long term back or joint injury is far more costly than our mattress removal and disposal service. We have strong employees and moving equipment to move mattresses with easy.

Disposal Process

After we have removed the mattress from your home and loaded it into our truck, then we will take it to a location that takes old mattresses. Whether this is the local dump, or a used furniture store, we will be certain to properly dispose of your mattress. It won’t be driven a mile down the road and thrown into a river. No, we will take it to a location that handles mattress disposals and thus continue to provide our city, state, and planet with quality trash and junk removal that improves the future for the upcoming generations.

Secured Load

In addition to taking the mattresses to a proper dumping site, we will also ensure that the load is secured while moving. There are more than a few online videos that show mattress going airborne on the interstate and highways from being improperly secured. We know this won’t happen with our experienced crews who know how to expertly secure loads. The mattresses will stay in place and be safely transported to the final destination for disposal. Our reputation rests on quality service that includes securing mattresses so that they don’t fly out on the road and risk the lives of our community. Are you still wondering: why Big Mike's Junk Removal?