Scrap Metal

Scrap Metal in Miami

Here at Instant Junk Removal, we believe in cleaning up the city, state, and planet. That is why we have a dedicated scrap metal crew who specialize in the safe removal and disposal of scrap metal. Metal won’t end up floating in the rivers or nearby oceans when you choose us to clean up and remove the scrap metal. We know where to take the scrap metal for proper disposal to ensure that the metal never ends up harming the environment. Certain types of metal can be melted down, others can be recycled.

Copper Piping

Renovations of older homes can result in large piles of old copper wires and pipes that is an eyesore to the neighbors. We are prepared to take away those old copper junk with our same day trash removal. Our crews know the places in town that will take the copper and properly handle it, so that you can just keep working on the renovation and keep the neighbors off your back. Have the peace of mind that your old copper pieces will end up at the right facility where it will be broken down and reused without damaging the environment.

Siding and Roofing

There are few buildings that don’t have some form of siding made from a metal material. Furthermore, the large storms that pass through Miami regularly damage metal roofs and siding to the point that full installs have to be performed. If you are a contractor or home owner who is dealing with this problem, then don’t worry about the metal removal. We have crews and trucks prepared to handle all of the metal removal free of charge. As fast as you can tear it off, we can haul it away with the same speed.

Rusted Metals

If you are dealing with metal that is stained or rusted from a chemical or age, then you probably don’t want to deal with it. Rust can become dust-like and get breathed into your lungs. Instant irritation and long-term health effects can occur from regular exposure to rust dust. We don’t want to see our wonderful customers go through this because of harmful metal that we could have hauled away. Our crews are well organised with all the right safety equipment to haul and dispose your rusted metal away in the proper areas where it will not harm the environment.

All Around Service

We strive to keep the city, state, and planet clean and will work every day to improve the environment by removing metal off the streets. This is a state-of-mind that is embodied by everyone in our company. From the office personnel to the field personnel, you will find that we all love what we do and love to haul junk away. Every person in our company will strive to provide excellent customer service that is superior to our competitors. After all, we are only able to keep our doors open by having satisfied customers who are willing to keep calling us for repeat work. In additional, sometimes our customers need other services tailored to the home environmental, such as furniture disposal.