Why Us?

Track Truck Half Full with Black Trash Bags

Why choose us? When you want quality, you choose quality. When you want cheap, you get cheap. However, with us, you get cheap and quality. We understand that this may be a little mindboggling, but it is true. Big Mike’s Junk Removal has superior crews who make junk removal and dumpster rental a cinch. Additionally, we strive to provide a customer experience that is well-rounded and superior to all of our competitors. Ideally, our customers will feel like they are calling a friend for help, and not dealing with a company who is there to do work.

Customer Oriented

We know that our doors will remain open as long as our customers are satisfied with our work. This means that we won’t waste your time guaranteeing junk removal that we can’t complete. We won’t waste your time by sending incompetent employees to do the work. Also, our team will work together to provide a quality customer experience from office persons to field personnel. The free junk removal services that we provide is not lacking in quality and it is equivalent, or superior, to our competitors. Just because we sometimes provide free junk removal doesn’t mean we will do half the work.

Experienced Removers

We have several years of experience serving the Miami, FL community with quality junk and trash removal. There are very few scenarios that we do not know how to handle. Our staff is cross-trained and more than prepared to handle any type of material that we are asked to remove. Additionally, we stress clear communication between our staff members and to our customers. This ensures that every customer is on the same page as our staff during the removal process. Also, we want to keep customers informed so will be easy to reach with any questions regarding ongoing or upcoming junk removal.

Quality Work Every Time

We will always put our customers first, before our own profit. If we say we can remove your furniture or junk, then we will do it. For long term construction trash removal, there will never be a time that we just disappear and stop communicating with our customers regarding the trash removal. Our reputation around Miami, FL is outstanding, and we want to strive to keep that reputability in-tact as we take on new clients. Customer satisfaction has kept our doors open through all our years in service, and it will continue to do so as we move into the future.

Properly Equipped

We have the right equipment and up to date knowledge to complete junk removal in a safe and efficient manner. This is due to our workers who are equipped with the right knowledge to complete the work, and the proper equipment to safely do jobs. We have confidence that our crews will always work with a safety-first mindset. Some items and appliances can be very large and heavy, but we have specialty equipment and modern techniques because we want to be able to start working from the first moment we arrive with no incidences. Learn more about the history and values of Big Mike's Junk Removal.